Saga Wood is based on 10 years of experience with thermally treated wood. Saga Wood has a patented process for thermally treatedwood in durability class 1 and is the only provider of thermally treated products in this class in the market.



Saga Wood is involved throughout the entire process from selecting raw materials with the right quality forproduction. Marketing and distribution are done through selected partners.


We work with carefully selected wood suppliers for the best raw materials for our process, We have an ongoing dialogue about quality and usage with the suppliers who deliver the raw materials for our production.


Saga Wood combines developed methods and patented technology, resulting in the industry's most environmentally friendly production. Additionally, with a significantly reduced energy consumption.


Our product is classified as Type 1 in the Durable Wood classification (Durability Class 1). Our products rank alongside far more expensive alternatives. Saga Wood is therefore a good and sustainable alternative to hardwood qualities of tropical origin, including those from rainforests.


High quality raw materials

Saga Wood's quality process begins with selecting the right quality raw material. To be able to deliver the desired final quality to our customers, it is important that the raw material meets the criteria we have defined for our various products. Wood is a natural product that always has natural shades and quality levels. Therefore, it is important for us that the raw material is processed and sorted so that it meets the given quality criteria.

Heat treatment

Saga Wood's heat treatment is based on a completely new technology, Termo 2.0. This treatment is gentler on the raw wood compared to other known processes, resulting in less waste and better quality.  At the same time, energy consumption and process time are significantly reduced. Heat treatment increases the stability of the wood by up to 80% and reduces its ability to absorb moisture and water by up to 50%. These properties make heat-treated wood highly suitable for buildings with high requirements for stability and low moisture absorption.
The heat treatment also gives the wood a beautiful dark glow that over time patinates and becomesa beautiful gray if left untreated.

Surface treatment

Saga Wood products are sold as standard without surface treatment. Saga Wood thermo wood absorbs very little moisture, if a surface treatment is desired, such a treatment will always further reduce the moisture absorption.


Sustainability, care, and respect for nature are the foundation of our entire business and are an essential part of our DNA. Additionally, this is what sets us apart significantly from other manufacturers within the market for wood products.

Less C02

Our production is based on a combination processes and technologies that are both gentle on the tree and the environment. The production process itself has significantly reduced energy consumption. Because our wood comes from localyNorwegian forest, The transportation and the consumption of fossil fuels are reduced considerably compared to products that are transported from distant areas. All in all, our products are produced as a locally sourced product with significantly less environmental impact (CO2 footprint) compared to many other wood products on the market today.

Certified Forest Management

We only use PEFC certified raw materials in our production and work exclusively with carefully selected suppliers. This means that we know the origin of the wood and can stand behind it.



Saga Wood manufactures and markets sustainable Nordic wood products that provide customers with long-lasting, beautiful and functional solutions. We work to promote the use of sustainable wood products and to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of environmentally harmful substances and chemicals.


Through innovative development and constant focus on competitiveness, quality and service, Saga Wood creates and maintains a position as the leading brand in sustainable Nordic wood products.